This book provides basic reading material for an introduction to data analysis. It uses R to handle, plot and analyze data. After covering the use of R for data wrangling and plotting, the book introduces key concepts of data analysis from a Bayesian and a frequentist tradition. This text is intended for use as a first introduction to statistics for an audience with some affinity towards programming, but no prior exposition to R.

Many people have supported this project actively by providing text, examples, code or technical support. Many thanks to (in alphabetic order): Tobias Anton, Florence Bockting, Noa Kallioinen, Minseok Kang, Marcel Klehr, Özge Özenoglu, Maria Pershina, Timo Roettger, Polina Tsvilodub and Inga Wohlert.

Work on this web-book has been kindly supported financially by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture (project “Innovation plus 2020/21”).