Course site for "Experimental Psychology Lab" 2019

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Experimental Psychology Lab

Experimental work is hard. Opportunities for suboptimality and failure abound. This course is all about avoiding pitfalls and cultivating a mindset aimed at continually improving practices. We will execute the whole process of implementation, execution and data analysis during this course, based on a replication of an existing experiment, which we will preregister.


session day topic material
1 April 4 introduction handout
2 April 11 tidy cooperation :: vc :: git :: md git, md, git exercises, slides
3 April 25 data wrangling & visualizing in R R4DS, slides, homework handout
4 May 2 analyzing data from an experiment tutorial
5 May 9 experimental design ::: _babe design example, _babe, experiment stimuli, homework
6 May 16 more _babe ::: preregistration _babe, exercises
7 May 23 analyzing data from an experiment II experiment, task
8 June 6 deployment ::: preregistration ::: final project slides